/Undefine is a cultural production organization based in Montréal whose mandate is:
- to produce, distribute and maintain original audio, visual and media artworks;
- to assist artists working with complex media technologies by providing access to the tools, administrative and logistical structures, and technical expertise required to advance their creative work;
- to build a cultural infrastructure in Montréal that supports the development and production of technologically complex works that meet the highest artistic standards.

/Undefine has accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the logistical, administrative and technical planning, execution and international touring of large-scale, high-quality media artworks.

/Undefine has at its disposal a production facility dedicated to the research, development, prototyping, testing and fabrication of innovative technological art projects.

/Undefine has built an extensive, experienced and proven network of consultants which includes administrators, engineers, designers, programmers, technicians, and fabricators.

59, rue St-Viateur Est
Montréal (Québec)
H2T 1A7

Phone: +1 514 270 0952
E: undefine [at] undefine.ca