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Series of installation works in homage to György Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique

Coincidence Engines is a series of sound installations conceived in homage to the Poème Symphonique of twentieth century Hungarian composer György Ligeti, who used metronomes not simply to keep musical time, but to generate sonic events in and of themselves. Extending and developing this approach, Coincidence Engines employs a multitude of dynamically modulated timekeeping devices to explore themes of regimentation, multiplicity, (im)perfection and entropy.


  • 05/12/2015
    [The User] will be at Elektra 2015.

    We are celebrating our new book with a round table discussion at Hexagram on Wednesday May 13 and a launch event at the Cinémathèque Québecoise on Thursday, May 14.

    Also, Coincidence Engine One will be shown at the International Sound Art Biennial (BIAS) opening June 6th. How can you say no to 1200 Ikea alarm clocks?
  • 02/28/2010

    The Coincidence Engines series was nominated to the 2010 Transmediale Award. The Transmediale Award seeks to honour outstanding experimental artworks that embrace, question and enrich our understanding of our immersed media and technologically driven society. Out of more than 1,500 submissions, nine art projects have been retained as Transmediale Award nominees this year.